Big cock trucker

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Big cock trucker

Postby throatgag8 » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:01 pm

I waited patiently at the rest area, as he told me to. I was a little scared being out of the path laying with my head off the picnic table. I heard a truck drive up and stop my heart pounded and my cock jumped. I heard a door open and shut and soon I could hear footsteps. As he approached I heard a zipper, and then he said good bitch being ready for me. I felt his soft cock press my lips as he said suck, I opened my mouth and he began to get hard as he stroked in and out slowly. It did not seem long and his 8 inch thick cock was rock hard and slowly entering into my throat as he said open up and take it all. As he pressed into my throat I would gag but he never stopped until he was all the way in, then pulled out all the way telling me good bitch. Then he slowly pressed all the way again as I gagged he held it in longer this time until I struggled and gagged. I was in heaven a big dick trucker that knew how to fuck a throat. Soon he was gaining a deep stroke and speed all I could do was struggle and gag. He stopped all the weay in and held it there while I struggled he reached down and spread my legs and slapped my balls real hard and laughed as I struggled on his cock. He pulled out and I recoiled gasping for breath but he just slapped my face and pushed his cock back into my throat roughly. His speed quickened and slowed but I never really stopped gagging. Finally he would stop now and again to let me breathe but never for long before he was into my throat again. He laughed and said ok it is time for me to cum and I wont be stopping until I cum all the way into your throat, you ready bitch? As I gasped a yes he was already pushing into my throat and started to fuck it hard. As he was getting ready to cum he reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard and I tried to scream he held his cock in my throat as far as he could go and pulsed cum into it, as he pulled out he finished cumming in my mouth and told me to swallow it, I did as instructed. He zippered up and told me to stay that he had a friend or two who would be showing up. All I could say is thank you as he walked away and left.
Where are these big dick truckers?
contact me......
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